Meeting attendance

Monday, 25th January, 2021 6.30 p.m., Children Young People and Families Policy and Performance Board

Venue:   To be held remotely, please contact Clerk for access

Contact:    Ann Jones on 0151 511 8276 or e-mail

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance
Liz Davenport Officer Expected
Councillor Mark Dennett Chair Present
Councillor Geoffrey Logan Vice-Chair Present
Councillor Marjorie Bradshaw Member Present
Councillor Chris Carlin Member Present
Councillor Lauren Cassidy Member Expected
Councillor Pauline Hignett Member Present
Councillor Rosie Leck Member Apologies
Councillor Peter Lloyd Jones Member Present
Councillor John Stockton Member Present
Councillor Angela Teeling Member Present
Councillor Louise Whitley Member Apologies
Milorad Vasic Officer Present
Ann McIntyre Officer Present
Ann Jones Officer Present
Tracey Coffey Officer Expected
Jill Farrell Officer Expected
Dorothy Roberts Officer Expected
Sharon Williams Officer Present
Gail Vaughan-Hodkinson Officer Expected
Adrian Leach Officer Present